FAQ: What Is The Meaning Of Vehicle Registration Number?

What is a registration number of a vehicle?

A vehicle registration number consists of four important components: The first two letters in a vehicle number plate indicate the Union Territory or state where the vehicle is registered. The next 4 digits on a number plate are the vehicle registration number assigned to a vehicle.

How do I find my vehicle registration number?

Find Vehicle Registration Details with an SMS

  1. Type VAHAN <space> vehicle’s registration number.
  2. Send it to 7738299899.

Is registration number same as plate?

Registration nearly always refers to the actual number that identifies your car in DVLA’s records, and which is displayed on your plastic number plates.

How many digits is a registration number?

A vehicle registration number is also called the VIN code or VIN number. It is, essentially, your car’s fingerprint. The VIN code is the specific numeric identifier for your car. It is installed at the manufacturer’s and has 17 alphanumeric digits.

How can I check car owner details?

Step 1: Visit the official website of VAHAN to check the vehicle owner name. Step 2: On top of the page, click on ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’. (at Top Navigation menu) Step 3: On the new page, enter the vehicle registration number (Car or Bike Plate Number).

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What is vehicle registration number in FASTag?

The VAHAN system is now getting all information on FASTags through VIN/VRN (vehicle identification number/ vehicle registration number. FASTag employs radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments on national highways directly from the prepaid or savings account linked to it.

Which is RC number?

A Registration Certificate copy or RC is a document that proves your vehicle is registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) authorities. Nowadays, you can avail your Registration Certificate copy in the form of a Smart card. The smart card will have the following information on it: Registration Number.

What is registration type?

Registration types determine what groups of people see during registration, what they can select, and how much those items cost. Registrants can only have one registration type per event, but they can use a different one for a different event. After all, today’s speaker could be tomorrow’s attendee.

What do the letters mean on number plates?

The first letter represents the area – for example, L represents London, Y is Yorkshire, B is for models registered in the Birmingham area and S signifies Scotland. The second letter tells you the postal area it was registered in.

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