Often asked: What The Meaning Of Number Infront Of Gene Number In Mascot Search?

How do you read Mascot search results?

For each protein match, Mascot calculates an overall Protein Score. This number reflects the combined scores of all observed mass spectra that can be matched to amino acid sequences within that protein. A higher score indicates a more confident match.

What does a Mascot score mean?

The Mascot score for a protein is the summed score for the individual peptides, e.g. peptide masses and peptide fragment ion masses, for all peptides matching a given protein. For a positive protein identification, the mascot score has to be above the 95% confidence level.

What is a Mascot search?

Mascot is a software search engine that uses mass spectrometry data to identify proteins from peptide sequence databases. Mascot is widely used by research facilities around the world. Mascot uses a probabilistic scoring algorithm for protein identification that was adapted from the MOWSE algorithm.

What is Mascot database?

Mascot is a powerful search engine which uses mass spectrometry data to identify proteins from primary sequence databases. While a number of similar programs available, Mascot is unique in that it integrates all of the proven methods of searching.

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What is EmPAI?

Exponentially Modified Protein Abundance Index (emPAI) is an established method of estimating protein abundances from peptide counts in a single LC-MS/MS experiment. EmPAI is defined as 10PAI minus one, where PAI (Protein Abundance Index) denotes the ratio of observed to observable peptides.

Is MaxQuant free?

MaxQuant is freely available and can be downloaded from this site. The download includes the search engine andromeda, which is integrated into MaxQuant as well as the viewer application for inspection of raw data and identification and quantification results.

What is the meaning of protein score?

Protein scores For a search that contains a small number of queries, the protein score is the sum of the highest ions score for each distinct sequence. This correction is a function of the total number of molecular mass matches for each query.

How do you use Mascot peptide mass fingerprinting?

Click the ‘Mascot’ link to the left to go to the Mascot home page. Select the Peptide Mass Fingerprint Search Form. This search uses MALDI-TOF spectra of peptide ion masses from a protein digest to predict the protein sequence.

Why is Mascot important in proteomic research?

Sound scoring methods for sequence database search algorithms such as Mascot and Sequest are essential for sensitive and accurate peptide and protein identifications from proteomic tandem mass spectrometry data.

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