Quick Answer: In A Casio Watch Number, What Is The Meaning Of Vthe Characters After The Dash?

What does Mo mean on Casio watch?

Modus operandi Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com.

How do I know my Casio watch model?

The model number of your watch can be located on the back plate of your watch. The model number will begin with at least one letter (examples highlighted in red). Use this model number without the hyphen/dash in the search bar to search for spare parts applicable to your watch (for example GA110).

What does Dr Gshock mean?

ER = European market. DR = SE Asia. JF = Japanese market. JR = Japanese market limited release. CR = American market.

What does CR mean on Casio watches?

CR means the version of the watch. For instance JF is Japan. CR is rest of the world. In USA mostly all Casio watch styles ends with CR. They are 100% same watch.

What does SR mean on a watch?

SR ( Silver Oxide Battery )/LR (LR Button Battery)

How do I set my Casio watch?

The setup for a Casio watch takes only four buttons, so you can have your watch set up in no time. Press and hold the “Adjust” button until the numbers on your Casio watch flash. The “Adjust” button can be found on the left hand side of your watch. Press the “Mode” button once.

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Is Casio made in China?

In addition to China and Thailand, Casio also has factories in Japan, where it makes some of the high-end G-Shock models and collaboration watches.

Is Casio a good brand of watch?

Casio as a brand offers some of the best value for the money, something we definitely believe in at The Modest Man. Some may write these off as “cheap Casio watches”, but even watch snobs can appreciate the value. Another large selling point to Casio watches is their durability.

Do G-Shock watches have serial numbers?

Casio serial number, batch or module code dating Some high end Casios (including G-Shock models) have a serial number, its on the back and is 6 characters long. The second character can be an O, N or D but the rest are numbers. You do not need to open the watch for any of these codes.

What does STW mean on G shock?

Remember, the ‘Home Time’ keeping mode and ‘World Time’ keeping mode can be differentiated by observing the digital display for the day of the week, if it shows a time-zone rather than the day, it is ‘World Time’, and if it displays a date in place of the time-zone, it is ‘Home Time’.

What does DST mean on G shock?

Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time Adjustment | CASIO. WORLDWIDE. Home.

What does FR mean on a watch?

In the world of personal protection equipment and workplace safety, the acronym “FR” stands for either flame resistant or flame retardant. When specifically referring to FR clothing, it will mean flame resistant.

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When was my Casio watch made?

Every G-Shock watch has a stamp of the production date on the back screw plate. To be specific last Letter in the serial number will give you year when it was made. A= 2001 OR 2011… see more. To be specific last Letter in the serial number will give you year when it was made.

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