What Is The Meaning Of The Number Above Hero Lord Mobile?

What are 11K heroes Lords mobile?

11K Heroes

  • Dark Magister – Cavalry ATK 60%, Range ATK 60%, and Army HP 30%
  • Lightweaver – Infanty ATK 60%, Range ATK 60%, and Army HP 30%
  • Shape Shifter – Infanty ATK 60%, Cavalry ATK 60%, and Army HP 30%

How many ranks are there in Lords mobile?

The ranking system o Each guild, which holds 100 players, has 5 different ranks, rank 1 to rank 5, commonly abbreviated r1, r2, r3, r4, and r5. o Rank 1: This rank is commonly made up of new members and members that are on probation. This is the lowest rank in the guild.

How do you rank up heroes in Lords mobile?

That’s right: Once you unlock a hero with 10 medals, he will join the game as a “grey grade”. Keep using the medals to increase the grade of your hero. There are 5 grades you can upgrade and each grade requires more medals. For example, upgrading the hero to Rare Grade will require 50 Medals.

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What is the hero page in Lords mobile?

The main Attribute of Agility Heroes, Dexterity, affects ATK, DEF, Physical CRIT and MDEF. Hero profile tabs. Displays all the heroes hero’s Trophies, Rank, Grade and Medals. Displays the Battle and Hero Skills, as well as the Leadership Type, and the amount of troops the hero can Command.

Who is the most powerful hero in Lords mobile?

1. Rose Knight. Rose Knight is one of the last heroes to be able to be unlocked (unless you pay for her), but the overall #1 hero on our list. She is the most effective hero at the Colosseum, especially when maxed.

What are the strongest heroes in Lords mobile?

10 Best Free to Play Heroes to upgrade

  • Demon Slayer. Hard to get but great to possess, he is the king of an assassin in the game with a very high magical defense.
  • Prima Donna. The only super healers in the game, that also has a good magic attack.
  • Child of Light.
  • Death Knight.
  • Incinerator.
  • Black Crow.
  • Night Raven.

What is the max level in Lords mobile?

There are 60 Player EXP levels. A player’s current level can be viewed in their Profile window. Player EXP is needed to gain Talent Points, equip higher level Equipment and increase Hero and Familiar Levels.

What is legendary grade in Lords mobile?

To unlock each grade, you need the number of medals featured on the grade before it. So you need 10 to hire, 20 for Uncommon, 50 for Rare, 100 for Epic, and 150 for Legendary.

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How do I get storm Fox?

Storm Fox medals can be purchased from the gem mall periodically, with the first gem pack containing 15 medals for $4.99 (about 3 medals per $1 USD), which after hiring Storm Fox, you will need only need 15 more medals for the next enhancement level (green).

How do you get hero’s wit fast on Genshin impact?

How to Get Hero’s Wit

  1. Get Hero’s Wit from Ley Line Blossoms. You can get Hero’s Wit by challenging enemies from Ley Line Outcrops (Revelation and Wealth).
  2. Get Hero’s Wit from Adventurer’s Handbook (Experience)
  3. Get Hero’s Wit from Quests.
  4. Get Hero’s Wit from Treasure Chests.
  5. All Items and Materials.

How do I increase my might fast in Lords mobile?

How to Gain Might?

  1. Troops and Traps: These are the fastest way to gain and lose might.
  2. Buildings: This is the most reliable way of increasing your Might.
  3. Quests: We are talking about turf quests by the way, completing guild and admin quests do not give you Might.

Is scarlet bolt good?

Scarlet bolt is good for very very specific hero stages and her administrative skills. That is it. Ok, here is the quick guide. You need an arena/stages team, a physical hunting team and a magic hunting team.

Is Magmaroid a good hero?

Also at 32,432 HP, the Magmaroid is one of the strongest tanks in Lords Mobile. He’s also a high Magic Defense Tank which will give him an even stronger edge. His ultimate is also really quick and so he can stun everyone right at the beginning of the match. In short, he’s amazing in the colosseum!

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How do you counter an incinerator?

In the Colosseum Incinerator is the counter to Demon Slayer, and is countered by Tracker and Scarlet Bolt.

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